We create bold and modern home fragrances using ingredients and methods that are backed by science.

Meet Founder & Director

My journey into fragrance began when I was just a toddler. As the youngest in a family of five, I'd often layer and mix my older siblings' perfumes and colognes in an attempt to create my own unique identity.

As an adult, I realize that while my identity is constantly evolving, my sense of scent often serves as a marker for memories and experiences I hold dear (smelling CK One takes me back to my childhood mixing days).

I started Bougie Funk as a way for people to create these scent-based time machines for their own life. Light these candles and hold a loved one close. Go back to those moments with a single sniff.


Science, B*TCH
Our Approach

In today's market there are a plethora of options for home fragrance. There is also a lot of misinformation in the home fragrance industry. We choose to operate using peer-reviewed science –– not what we've heard on social media.

No Buzz Words
We Dont Say "Clean"

In the world of candles, the term "clean" can be a potential pitfall. Its usage lacks standardized regulations, which makes it challenging for consumers to gauge the true composition and any associated health concerns with specific candle products.

We firmly believe that transparency in revealing the ingredients is paramount. Using vague terminology like "clean" can obscure vital information. By committing to transparency, we empower our customers to make well-informed decisions, ensuring that they are fully aware of what they are inviting into their homes when they choose our candles.

We are actively working towards compiling our ingredients list as of September 2023.